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High Heel Shoes

High Heels for Plus Size Women: How to Rock a Sexy Shoe without Pain

high heels plus size women

Are you a plus size woman who wants to wear high heels, but are afraid of your feet hurting?

You can rock a pretty pair of pumps without pain.

The trick: Buy shoes and inserts that help support your sexy curves and voluptuous frame easily. Whether you are a size 14 or a size 22, here's how to find high heels for plus size women that are cute and comfy.

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High Heel Shoes

Shoe Fashion Trends: How to Wear Wedge Heels and Wedge Shoes

When Salvatore Ferragamo first designed the spicy and sky-high wedge heel, a perennial heel classic was born.

Paired with gowns and dresses by old Hollywood starlet Marilyn Monroe and Portuguese-born samba singer Carmen Miranda, this sexy and stacked platform shoe is not just a comfortable high-heel option, but is also perfect spring and summer accessory.

For the shoe lover building a high-heel wardrobe, here's how to add a festive, fabulous and wonderful wedge heel to your current shoe collection. Continue Reading…