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Designer Wedding Shoes: Bridal Footwear Tips for Your Fabulous Wedding

If you are the bride, your wedding shoes are some of the most important pair of shoes you will ever wear.

As you prepare to walk down the aisle, the right wedding footwear can either give comfort to a nervous bride, while the wrong bridal shoes can be a source of pain.

From satin pumps to dyeable sandals, finding the perfect bridal footwear is simple if you follow the time-tested rules of the wedding footwear selection process.

Use the following wedding shoe-shopping primer to help you select the best shoes for yourself and your wedding party.

Wedding Shoe Styles:

The wedding shoe is a fashion accessory that must match the theme of the wedding and complement the bridal gown perfectly. In fact, bridal shoe styles range from unconventional to the traditional.

For example: Elegant first-time brides who prefer long and sleek column gowns can select a high-heeled pump that features beading or embellishment. A trendy bride– whose sophisticated style reflects current fashion trends– will wear a strappy designer evening sandal over prim and proper satin ballet flats.

Types of Bridal Shoes:

Bridal shoe choices vary based upon fabric choices and styles. Wedding footwear is usually constructed from silk, lace and sating to cotton, crepe and velvet. Brides of all shapes and sizes can wear these wedding footwear options: flip-flops, open-toed shoes, mules, sandals, platforms, stilettos, slingbacks and flats.

Heel height for wedding shoes can soar as high as 6 inches or remain chic and comfortable as low-heeled ballet flats and white snazzy sneakers. Prices for your wedding shoes may range from $19 for basic footwear to $1,000 and up for designer wedding shoe creations from Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin or Giuseppe Zanotti.

Mistakes with Wedding Shoes:

  • Beware of dyeables. Don’t purchase the wedding gown or bridesmaids’ dresses without factoring in the heel height of the dresses or not considering color matching and shoe shrinkage when dying your wedding shoes.
  • Don't leave your shoes at home! To avoid these wedding shoe disasters brides and bridesmaids should wear their shoes during each wedding dress fitting. Prevent bridal shoe sizing mistakes by trying on your last pair of wedding shoes near the end of the day when the feet are at their largest size.
  • Factor in foot cramp. If your feet tend to swell when you are standing on your feet for a long time, buy an extra pair of flat wedding shoes to wear at the reception in case of any wedding shoe emergencies.
  • Consider the wedding venue before selecting your bridal shoes. If you are having an outdoor wedding on grass woods, certain satin and silk shoes will soil easily.
  • Don’t let your pretty bridal shoes overwhelm your wedding dress. Shoes with embellishment and sparkle complement simple and plain dresses, while fancy and elaborate gowns need basic wedding footwear.

Many brides and bridesmaids make the wrong choice when choosing bridal shoes for their wedding day. Whether a bride chooses fancy jewel-encrusted flip-flops, wedding athletic shoes, or sexy strappy heels for herself or her bridesmaids, the perfect wedding shoe must complement your gown or dress perfectly.

In fact, like so many other fashion choices, you will know the perfect wedding shoes for you the moment you place them on your feet, and say to yourself “I feel pretty!”

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