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5 Expert Tips to Make Your Designer Shoes Last Longer and Forever!

Designer shoes—whether they are pumps, wedges or boots–need a commitment to maintenance that is beyond a small swipe of shoe polish. So if you want your shoes to last beyond a few wearings, use these shoe tips to make your designer shoes last forever!

1 -Take care of your heels.

When the tips of your heels wear down, rush to the neighborhood shoe repair shop to get them fixed. If you've worn the tip through the heel, don't panic. You can replace the bottom of your heels with plastic or rubber heel tips.

2- Mind your sole.

Before you first wear your shoes, have a shoe cobbler add a thin rubber sole to protect the bottom of your shoes — unless you are wearing red-bottomed Christian Louboutin's of course. Because shoes usually wear at the sole, you want to check the bottom of your shoes one a month, to check for hole and scrapes.

3- Stretch a too-tight toe box.

If the toe-box is strangling your toes you have two options. If the inside of your shoe has a leather upper, you can spray an alcohol-based stretching spray into the top of your shoes. Or you can visit a shoe repairer and he can stretch it with a machine.

4- Secure a loose lining.

If the lining of the shoes is lifting, place a pea-sized amount of rubber cement at the front and back of the lining. Press the lining back into the bottom of the shoe. Let the shoes dry for 24 hours before wearing.

5- Pamper your leather.

Use cream polish on your soft leather designer shoes.  For light-hued shoes apply a clear liquid or cream polish to the shoes. Remove scuffmarks on your suede shoes with an emery board, suede stone or small brush. Rub the small suede cleaner across the nap to release dirt trapped in your suede.

How to Pamper and Protect Your Designer Shoes:

  • Clean and polish your shoes regularly.
  • To prevent the complete destruction of the soles due to normal wear and tear, add plastic tips to shoe heels.
  • Because most designer shoes are constructed using leather inner and outer soles, use cedar shoe trees to retain the shape of the shoes after each wearing.
  • Spray leather and suede shoes with a silicone protectant spray to keep your footwear from possible weather damage due to rain or snow.

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